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Podcast Roundup

We're getting back into the "regular routine" here after Gen Con. It really was a great show. Lots of good friends. Lots of good gaming. Lots of... a lot of stuff. It's always sad to have to pack up and head home... even though you're totally exhausted. Hopefully you had a good show, if you were able to go. If not, well, there's always next year.

But as for that "getting back into the routine" thing, we've got our regular Tuesday feature of all the podcasts we've found over the past week.

This time we have: Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 183: Movement in Games, Game Classy 93: Steve of the Rings, World’s End Radio Episode #87 – Prime Time, Gamers Lounge ep. 111 – It’s a Palindrome, Screaming Heretic Ep 85 – All Good Things, and Dog and Thimble Podcast Ep. 10: Chew Review.

Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 183: Movement in Games


This podcast is intended as a peek behind the curtain at Plaid Hat Games. The show is hosted by Alex Eding with frequent appearances by Colby Dauch - Owner of Plaid Hat Games, Game designers Mr. Bistro, Isaac Vega, and Jerry Hawthorne, and many more including Brian Beyke, James Sitz, Dave Richards, and Peter Wocken.

Game Classy 93: Steve of the Rings


Steve gets into a dead game. Joe and Steve really get into Arena Rex. The boys get two special surprises in the mail. All this and 30k rumors.

World’s End Radio Episode #87 – Prime Time

Colorful splashes are coming out of gun shaped hands

Mike’s back on deck for our longest hobby episode yet! Love it or hate it, figure painting is a huge part of the miniature gaming hobby. Some spend all their time on it, whereas others will only ever pick up a brush with a gun to their head. So what happens when painting becomes a requirement for participating? We take a look at the impacts that mandatory painting standards can have, as well as discuss strategies on how to rise to the challenge and deal with them.

Gamers Lounge ep. 111 – It’s a Palindrome

gamers lounge

Gamers Lounge Episode 111 has a couple firsts involved in it. This is the first time Mrs. Gamers Lounge has shown up on the show in 2 segments. Also, we’re launching a new segment, so the first time we’ll be diving into the regular Wrath of Kings segment with introductions.

After Bill provides a bit of an intro we dive into the first segment. Mrs. Gamers Lounge and I sit down and talk about the newly arrived kickstarter game, Exploding Kittens. It’s a pretty short review but I think we cover the game well.

Segment two has a new crew of guest hosts joining Bill for the launch of the new Wrath of King’s segment. This segment is as yet unnamed, but will be a regularly occurring segment covering Wrath of Kings tactics and game play. We start in this episode by introducing ourselves and what armies we play for WOK.

And the last segment of the show has Bill and Mrs. GL return to talk about another game. This time they have a much longer game session discussion and full review of Super Dungeon Explore – Arcade. This is the cooperative version of SDE where the game has it’s own AI in place of a console.

Screaming Heretic Ep 85 – All Good Things

Screaming Heretic 85

Welcome to episode 85. Many things have changes for me over the last year. Some good, some not so good. The time has come for me (Joe) to close this chapter and move on to the next. This is my last show with The Screaming Heretic. The rest of the crew may return without me. I’m happy to help them in any way I can. I’d like to thank everyone who has ever listened to us, talked to us, sent a message, or just said thank you.

When I started out I wanted to talk about something that had brought me great joy and share some of what I knew. I wanted this to feel like it was your group of friends and I feel like I did. You are all my friends and I thank you for it.

I loved getting know you all, the fans, people in the industry, sponsors, everyone. I hope to still have you all in my life, even without a mic there. In the end it is with a heavy heart that I leave and begin a new path. Thank you all for everything, I could never have done this without you.

I’ll stop babbling now and get on with the show……

Dog and Thimble Podcast Ep. 10: Chew Review

Dog and Thimble Chew

Chew: Cases of the FDA reviews just in time to save you from buying it!