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Podcast Roundup

Tuesday is here once more. I'm doing some last-minute laundry before packing. I know a few of you are on your way already to Gen Con. Heck, some of you are already there! *is a little jealous* I'm heading out early in the morning. The 10 hour drive is always... umm... fun?

Good thing I've got a couple podcasts I can listen to along the way.

This week we've got: Tales of Malifaux #9, Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 182, and Adeptus Infernus 025 .

Tales of Malifaux #9


Tales of Malifaux #9 is ready for your listening pleasure! In this episode, Dark Treasures will be your story!

Read by: Ian Travis
Announced by: Dominic Westerland
Music by: Frog Secret Agent by 3 Leg Torso (opening and closing), Banshee With Me by Larmon Clamor (first commercial bumpers, beginning), Rock the Boat by Beth Caucci (first commercial bumper, end), Drunken Sea Song by Beth Caucci (second commercial bumper, beginning), Crow on a Wagon Wheel by Larmon Clamor (second commercial bumpers, end), Gypsy Dance by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena (commercial music)
Advertisement written by: Dominic Westerland

Plaid Hat Games Podcast Episode 182


This podcast is intended as a peek behind the curtain at Plaid Hat Games. The show is hosted by Alex Eding with frequent appearances by Colby Dauch - Owner of Plaid Hat Games, Game designers Mr. Bistro, Isaac Vega, and Jerry Hawthorne, and many more including Brian Beyke, James Sitz, Dave Richards, and Peter Wocken.

Adeptus Infernus 025


All work and no 40K make John and Greg dull boys. We're back after a log month off catching up on 40K news that we missed amongst other stuff. Hobby progress, games played, Ozpocalypse 2015, Age of Sigmar, Forge World and more.