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Podcast Roundup

We're back once more to Tuesday, beautiful readers. With any luck, your Monday was quick and painless. Hopefully those of you that had been partying all night at SDCC during the weekend are making your way back into the "regular world" with the rest of us.

As is usual for our Tuesdays, we've got our Podcast Roundup.

It's a quick one this week, with just two. Shut Up & Sit Down episode #30 and World’s End Radio Episode #86 – Limitless

If you know of a podcast that you'd like to see as part of our weekly roundup, let us know at and we can add it to our list to watch.

Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #30: An Opera of Toys


You ever eat Nerd Rope? Just an endlessly long, glutinous tongue, speckled with sour little gobbets?

That's basically the 30th ever SU&SD podcast, which is now live in our podcast section and in all reputable pod-feeds. On this lengthy journey of no less than one hour and one minute, we discuss the absence of bitterness in the magnificent Forbidden Stars. We chat about the sheer joy of Funemployed (alas, we're still waiting on the European release), and the sweet coloured pebbles of Trajan. The Saturday morning cartoon-looking reimagining of Catacombs (complete with jelly cube!) has reached us, too, and it's incredible! And of course, Spyfall snuck into the mix.

WARNING: Your RDA of SU&SD podcasts is 0.2 a day.

World’s End Radio Episode #86 – Limitless


Olly joins us again this episode as we venture forth to Infinity – and beyond! With some of the most stunning models going and an incredibly deep set of rules to get to grips with, Infinity is a force to be reckoned with on the global miniature wargaming stage. With the game recently moving into its 3rd edition, we take a long overdue look at what it’s all about and why you should consider getting involved.

We also catch up with the latest industry news and muse on a very controvertial recent game release. Tune in for all the dirt!