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Podcast Roundup

It's Tuesday once again. Hopefully your Monday went by without a hitch and was pretty quick. Mine was. It was all anxiously awaiting the Black Plague launch, and then watching the counter just go up and up and up.

Anyway, as per usual on a Tuesday such as this, we've got our Podcast Roundup.

This week's shows include: CoolMini Cast - Pack-O-Zombies, Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #29: Nightmares at the Hilton, Game Classy 89: The Age of Game Classy, Geeks of the North Episode 15 – Interview with Brandon Palmer, and Gamers Lounge Ep 109 – Oh Wow is the new Awesome.

CoolMini Cast - Pack-O-Zombies


This episode Jonathan, Jared, Spencer, and special guest, back from the grave, Steve Avery sit down to discuss what they've been up to and the games they've played. Most notably the entire crew has had a chance to sit down and play through Zombicide Black Plague! We also cover some behind the scenes Kickstarter stuff and one of the most interesting questions ever asked! Give it a listen!

Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #29: Nightmares at the Hilton


Now Quinns is back from the UK Games Expo, we slid a microphone under the door of the con-tamination chamber to record the 29th ever SU&SD podcast!

Paul's got questions about the sublime Welcome to the Dungeon, the prototype of Vlaada's Codenames and Quinns' performance at the UK Netrunner Nationals. But that's not all! Quinns is starved for company and wants to know about the games Paul's been playing: For the Crown and 7 Ronin, which both sound great. There's also some discussion of Knightmare Chess, mostly along the lines of "Why haven't we reviewed it yet?"

For curious international listeners, here's a clip of the UK's Knightmare game show. Enjoy that one. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to burn the mic.

Game Classy 89: The Age of Game Classy


Joe is hungover, so he and Steve make fun of Age of Sigmar, a bunch of Kickstarters, and White Wolf Games.

Geeks of the North Episode 15 – Interview with Brandon Palmer


Episode 15 is now live for your auditory fun. In this episode, on top of our usual banter, Paul quickly goes over his trip to Reapercon, the guys chat about their yearly 40k Apocalypse game, and Paul interviews Brandon Palmer of GMM Studios. So sit back, relax, grab a paintbrush and enjoy the show!

Gamers Lounge Ep 109 – Oh Wow is the new Awesome


Gamers Lounge 109 is here with guests and lots of rambling! We open the show with a quick introduction before friend of the show Spencer joins us. Spencer and Bill ramble through a long discussion on a variety of topics. This includes having a primary game vs not, blood bowl, Warmachine competitiveness, and Guild Ball.

Following that the Family Gaming Segment returns with a host of games. We still talk primarily Zombicide but now we add in Machi Koro and Star Wars Armada. Somewhere along the way Bill’s oldest daughter wanders in and we have some minor family gaming drama before returning to regularly scheduled Zombicide discussion.