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Podcast Roundup

Well, I've managed to solve my "thinking it's one day when it's really another" thing that was happening over the weekend. There was no doubting that yesterday was a Monday. Even though nothing bad happened, it's hard to miss the start of the work week. But as that day is now over and we've moved along, it's time for Tuesday. And with Tuesday that means we've got our Podcast Roundup.

This time we have: Tales of Malifaux 05, and All Us Geeks Episode 57.

Tales of Malifaux 05


This is normally where we'd put a block quote about what's in the show... but since it seems the Wyrd website has Episode #4 listed where #5 should be... we can't really do that. So go and listen for a surprise about what's in the show!

All Us Geeks Episode 57

All Us Geeks

Jeff & Jordan are back with episode 57! And they are joined by Anime Don! Need more? Sheesh… How about the LEGO segment? Still not enough? What the hell?!? Ok, we review Tokaido in Episode 57 as well! Now stop being greedy!