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Podcast Roundup

Welcome once again to Tuesday, dear TGN readers. Hopefully you had a good day yesterday. We had a nice BBQ here at the office. There were hamburgers and hot dogs and chicken legs and pork ribs... Yeah, it was tasty. Leftovers, too. So that'll be lunch today.

But enough of what I'm stuffing my face with. Let's focus on what you should be stuffing your ears with (that... seemed a lot better of a transition in my head...). We've got our regular Podcast Roundup.

In this installment we have: Lost Hemisphere Radio ep110, CoolMini Cast #2, Game Classy 88: Dust Tales WOOHOO!!!, Adeptus Infernus 023, World’s End Radio Episode #85 – Watch The World Burn, and Screaming Heretic Episode 83 – Flula.

Lost Hemisphere Radio ep110


Ladies and Gentlelost, after a hiatus brought about by Real Life ™, Gdaybloke and Northblade are back to ramble about all the things and much of the stuff! We’ve been away for awhile, it’s time to get back on the Ferox and bring you rambling diatribes in the very best Lostie fashion. It’s all about catching up this episode!

CoolMini Cast Episode #2


Spencer, Jared, and Jonathan sit down with Michael Shinall to discuss Xenoshyft: Onslaught, what they've been up to lates, games they've been playing, Mad Max, and .... Moose. There is a lot of moose talk this week. So tune in once again for another episode of the CoolMini Cast!

Game Classy 88: Dust Tales WOOHOO!!!


Joe and Steve talk Frostgrave, Cool Mini or Not Kickstarters, and the newly resolved Dust dispute.

Adeptus Infernus 023


John and Greg are back and with better sound. We hope. Hobby Progress (Dark Eldar, The Super-Secret 40K Project, Emperor's Children), Games Played (Nurgle vs Tzeentch, 30K Emperor's Children vs Khorne Daemonkin), Cult Mechanicus, Space Marines, Forge World, GW rasing prices, Tzeentch Daemonkin, Character Spotlight: Saint Celestine, Adeptitrocites, Shout Outs and more!!!

World’s End Radio Episode #85 – Watch The World Burn


What kind of madness posesses a games company to take one of its longest running, most successful titles – and rip it usunder in a brutal maelstrom of change? In this episode we go on a quest for answers as we travel to the End Times and back to see just what Games Workshop has been up to with their recent moves in the Warhammer world, and what will come when the dust settles.

Simon Addicott also drops in for a Batman Miniatures game update, and we have a special guest from across the pond in the form of Warhammer veteran Ben Curry to talk shop with!

Screaming Heretic Episode 83 – Flula


Segment 1
Hobby and gaming updates
Gw Updates
Game night grub
Reminder June painting
Enjoy the holiday
Interview - Happy Halfling Workshop