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Podcast Roundup

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.
Hello all you beautiful TGN-readers. Welcome to another Tuesday. It seems this week is going by quickly. I almost didn't realize it was Tuesday until I grabbed my Tuesday shirt this morning.
Yes, I have specific shirts for specific days of the week.

But that's beside the point. What we're here for right now is our weekly Podcast Roundup.

We've only got two for you this time around: Adeptus Infernus 022 and Gamers Lounge ep. 108 – We have Guests.
Remember, if you've got a podcast, or know of one you'd like to see on our weekly roundup, be sure to send those in to

Adeptus Infernus 022


We're back after missing a week, but of course its in time to talk about Warhammer World.

Hobby Progress, Warlord Titan, Guilliman, Sigismund, Chaos Knights, Blood Oath, Command Tank Rules, Spellcrow's Plague Knights, Character Spotlight: The Dark Apostle, Adeptitrocities and more!

Gamers Lounge ep. 108 – We have Guests


Gamers Lounge 108 brings a mix of guests to the show, joining Bill for a variety of conversation, philosophy, and spoilers!

We start with the guys from Anvil-8 (makers of Aetherium) Aetherium, Brian and Chris. The guys share their thoughts on the kickstarter experience, game development, and also some inside information on their game and upcoming factions.

Following that, Joe from Cheated Fates Radio join’s Bill in studio for a chat. Joe and Bill ramble as they are wont to do, then delve into some fairly crazy philosophy on gaming and competitiveness.