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Podcast Roundup

Welcome once again to Tuesday, fellow gamers. Hopefully the start of the week has been treating you right. For those that were at Salute or KingdomCon over the weekend, I'm sure you're having a bit of a time getting back into the "regular swing" of things. But as you sit, potentially bleary-eyed from a weekend of gaming, we've got something that will help. We've once more collected together podcasts from the past week and present them to you now.

In this installment, we have: How I Geek #36 - Spotlight: Dungeons & Dragons Part I, Game Classy 86: An In-Depth Review of Assassinorum- Execution Force, Gamers Lounge ep. 107 – Boards and Miniatures, and The TerrainTutor Video from Salute.

How I Geek #36 - Spotlight: Dungeons & Dragons Part I

How I Geek

In this episode we start our multipart spotlight on Dungeons & Dragons. Starting with the people, games and inspiration that started it all.
Week in Geek (Justified, Anime and more)
Comics – Iceman, Convergence
Movies – TRAILERS!!!! Ant-Man, Batman/Superman, Fantastic Four, Star Wars, Rogue One, Warcraft
Dungeons & Dragons Spotlight Part I - Our first contact with D & D. The people behind D & D. The formation of TSR.
Geektrocities and more!

Game Classy 86: An In-Depth Review of Assassinorum- Execution Force


Joe and Steve do not give an in-depth review of Assassinorum- Execution Force, in fact they just make fun of it. All that plus the new Force of Will expansion and Joe’s experience at C2E2.

Gamers Lounge ep. 107 – Boards and Miniatures


Episode 107 is here after a bit of a break. We open up with John and Ben joining Bill for a good old fashion Lounge Talk. This is right back to the rambling original form of Lounge Talks from the past.

Following the long Lounge Talk we jump into a topic that’s been on Bill’s mind for a bit. We talk about board games that include miniatures and what part they play in our gaming hobbies.

The TerrainTutor Video from Salute

If you didn't manage to get to Salute this year, don't stress, just grab a coffee and take a tour of the tables with the TerrainTutor!