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Podcast Roundup

I hope everyone out there had a good Christmas. With any luck, you got some new games and models. For those really fortunate, you've maybe got this week off. So while you're assembling those figures and reading those rulebooks over, let's give you some gaming podcasts to listen to as well. Or, if you are headed back to work, you don't have to still hear holiday music, even though that's passed.

This week we have: Nerdherders Episode 21 (111): Game Boys; Exploding Dice Radio Episode 8; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 237: Crooked Dice; Epic Gaming Night Episode 137: Top 10 games of 2017!; Guild Ball Tonight Episode 73: The Phil Rule; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 134: 5th Anniversary Show, Pie Town, and Fog of Love; The Cardboard Herald Episode 59: PAX Minis Wrap-up; The Secret Cabal Episode 149: Aristeia, Inis, 2017 Year in Review and our Favorite Games of 2017; SAGA THORSDAY 69: Strathclyde Welsh Giveaway; and The D6 Generation Episode 227: Annual Predictions Episode.

Nerdherders Episode 21 (111): Game Boys

In this installment, the nerds discuss what draws them to RPG and miniatures games, what they like about their current game passions and answer the question “are there too many games to choose from?” They also discuss Thor Ragnarok, Extra Life, Guild Ball, Warhammer 40k, Legend of the Five Rings and more!

Exploding Dice Radio Episode 8

After a brief house move-induced hiatus, Andy and Josh are back in the saddle for Episode 8 of Exploding Dice Radio! This time around, they are talking about all of the major announcements that War Cradle has recently made regarding the future of the Dystopian Age, which includes Dystopian Wars, Armored Clash, and Wild West Exodus. Tune in and find out what Andy and Josh make of all this!

Meeples & Miniatures Episode 237: Crooked Dice

The Meeples crew get together once again to talk about what they have been up to in the past couple of weeks, including games played, miniatures painted and perhaps the odd purchase or two.

For the feature part of our show we chat with Karl Perretton from Crooked Dice Game Design Studio. We catch up with what they have been up to and get a glimpse of their future plans, including a project that they have been working on with Peter Wright from Edgehill University

We hope you enjoy the show.

Epic Gaming Night Episode 137: Top 10 games of 2017!

Lord of the Rings Lcg digital game
New Downforce expansion map! Danger circuit.

What we have been playing?
(Roy) Rune Wars, Star Trek Ascendancy, Fallout
(Rob) Rune Wars, Star Trek Ascendancy
(Matt) Dinosaur Island

Topic: Top 10 Games of 2017!

Guild Ball Tonight Episode 73: The Phil Rule

This time around we revisit steamcon and Bill gets his rants in, talk about how weird the plastic fish thing is based on some huge presumptions, and go over the best OPD change ever. Sorry about the barking.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 134: 5th Anniversary Show, Pie Town, and Fog of Love

We can hardly believe it has been 5 years since we started the podcast. There have been many great moments, many not so great moments, but one thing is for sure, it has been a fun adventure. We can’t say thank you enough to those that listen, the publishers and designers that have showed us support, and the other board game media individuals that have given us their time. And of course we want to say a big thank you to our sponsors: The Broken Token, Portal Games, and Funagain. And what better way to celebrate than with a new logo that you see here. And if you want a Mason Jar with the new logo, we will be taking orders once they arrive. Be sure to come back here for more information on how to get one.

But it isn’t all about reminiscing, we discuss a new game from Renegade Games called Pie Town. This is a simple worker placement that has an interesting mechanic with dice as the workers. It isn’t one of those games that will require you to agonize over each move and might be a little redundant in the beginning, but once the engine is set up, then the battle for who makes the best pies begins. Nice art and components, but this is a Renegade game, they are making it so we expect nothing less.

In celebration of the 5th year, we brought out Fog of Love to see just how compatible we are and should we continue this podcast. There is one thing we need to caution you about with this game, it isn’t meant to be played as a gamer’s game in our opinion. You need to get in the character that has been developed at the beginning. The RPG element is the strength of the game and probably will help you determine if this is one for you. We had fun with the game, but found ourselves getting out of character. This is only a two player game and can be found in all places, Walmart.

The Cardboard Herald Episode 59: PAX Minis Wrap-up

Please forgive the rugged show floor audio, but today's episode has some really great talks with various people at PAX. Included in this episode is:
-Aron West of Elzra Games
-Chris of 9th Level Games
-Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games
-Gwen Ruelle of Runaway Parade Games
-Joshua Lobkowicz of Grey Fox Games
-Rob Conley of Paper Heroes and their panel of live D&D players

The Secret Cabal Episode 149: Aristeia, Inis, 2017 Year in Review and our Favorite Games of 2017

Merry Christmas, Cabalist! Today in the annual Christmas extravaganza the gang takes a look at Aristeia from Corvus Belli and looks back at Inis one year later. Then Tony T runs down the most important news items from the past 2 week while the rest of us chirp in the background. The founders then talk about 2017 and all the fun events and productions they've done and round out the year in review with their favorite games released this year. Oh yeah, and you'll also get our famous Christmas carols throughout the episode as well!

SAGA THORSDAY 69: Strathclyde Welsh Giveaway

Welcome to SAGA THORSDAY – your weekly source for Saga the miniatures game content! This week, I give the lowdown on how you can win this Strathclyde Welsh starter set from Gripping Beast!

The D6 Generation Episode 227: Annual Predictions Episode

And just in time to as we do our annual predictions episode. We review what we predicted last year and make predictions in the gaming and geek world for 2018.

All that plus:

- Total Fan Girl
- Do You Ever Notice
- App of the Ep
- & More