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Podcast Roundup

Tuesday is once more upon us. Did Monday go by quickly enough for you? Mine went by fast.
As is our custom, we've collected the podcasts from the past week and present them to you now for your listening pleasure.

In this grouping we've got: Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #26 and Spoken Articles are Up!, The Download podcast Episode 4: Post-aPAXalyptic, Adeptus Infernus 017, and Game Classy episode 84.

Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #26 and Spoken Articles are Up!

Shut up and sit down


Head over to our podcast section and you'll find that we've fixed the RSS feed of Paul's Greatest Gaming Memory, Brendan's Rooky Errors is now available in audio format replete with the boy's smoky Irish voice, and the 26th EVER SU&SD podcast is now available.

As always, the new podcast marks an exciting time to be alive. This time Paul, Matt and Quinns enjoy a feverish discussion of the inventive Bring Your Own Book, the devious Dragon's Gold and the fabulous Imperial Assault.

Ooh! Get it all in and around your ears, pronto.

The Download podcast Episode 4: Post-aPAXalyptic


Keith and Andy talk about PAX East, post-apocalyptic media and, of course, games.

Adeptus Infernus 017


This week John and Greg discuss the new Mechanicus models, Khorne Daemonkind, the future of army releases, new 40K starter boxes, the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy kickstarter, Captain Lysander, Adeptitrocities and more!

Available on itunes and Stitcher

Game Classy 84: Indiana is a **** tier state anyway


Indiana sucks! Also Joe recaps Adepticon 2015,and the Ninja All-Stars and new Deadzone Kickstarters. All this and 40k’s newest faction!