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Podcast Roundup

Monday has come and gone. Here we are on another Tuesday afternoon (well, afternoon if you're East of Mountain time, anyway, at the time of this posting) and it's time for a roundup of the podcasts that were published in the past week. It's another short list this week, with two.

This time around we have: Beer & Board Games, Adeptus Infernus - The Adepticon Episode.

Beer & Board Games Features Mr. Game (Chaotic Party Game)

Mr. Game, a chaotic party board game, was featured on Blame Society Films' Beer & Board Games. The comedians at Blame Society played the game while enjoying many beers, resulting in a fun experience. Mr. Game is now on Kicktarter

Adeptus Infernus - The Adepticon Episode


The crew is back from Adepticon and this episode is loaded with con talk. Greg plays his first game of 40K since 2007. John finally beats Chris. Wrath of Kings, Prodos Games (Aliens vs Predator, Warzone Ressurection), Warhammer 40000 Conquest, Deadzone, Wild West Exodus, Relic Knights, Rebel Assault, Broken Contracts, Warhammer 40K, Adeptitrocities and more!