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Podcast Roundup

It's Tuesday already. Did Monday fly by for anyone else? It certainly did for me.

So we've got another set of new podcast shows we've collected over the past week.

This installment, there's: Game Classy 82: Stupid Baby’s Game, Screaming Heretic ep78: In Memory of Greatness, Lost Hemisphere Radio episodes 107 & 108, The Shiny Model Syndrome Episode 76 - Choices, choices..., Gamers Lounge Ep 104 – It must be Wrath of Kings, and Beyond Kalidasia - S03E01 Things to Think About.

Game Classy 82: Stupid Baby’s Game


This week, the boys talk Star Wars and Star Trek games, and the perils of the FLGS. Also, tune in for a giveaway for 2 free tickets to C2E2, Chicago’s best Comic book convention!

Screaming Heretic Episode 78 – In memory of greatness


Hobby and gaming updates
Favorite Spock moment?
Words of the Wappel
Adepticon is almost here!!

Lost Hemisphere Radio episodes 107 & 108


It was the best of cons, it was the worst of cons… well, no, that’s a lie, Templecon was stupid awesome fun, but it did result in a delay in releasing ep107 of Lost Hemisphere Radio! Join Gdaybloke and Northblade as they natter with NQ Editor-In-Chief Mike Ryan and Jamie tries to steer the conversation away from Moros on multiple occasions.

Still recovering from their Templecon experience, Gdaybloke and Northblade reminisce on some of the highlights of their home convention (as much as a 9 hr road trip makes it a home convention) with pal Plarzoid. He’s kind of a big deal, winning Master Craftsman and all that jazz. There are stories to be told, poignant moments, and a waitress who kept hitting her head on a lamp. Be sure to stick through to the end for interviews with Privateer Press and Ninja Division.

The Shiny Model Syndrome Episode 76 - Choices, choices...


THis week we talk about what we think about when we choose new games and also choosing new factions. Some of us have simpler tastes than others, it seems. Enjoy!

Gamers Lounge Ep 104 – It must be Wrath of Kings


Wrath of Kings has arrived and episode 104 is where the Gamers Lounge crew unboxes their goodies. Following a short 5 minute intro by Bill we jump right into the Unboxing of our Wrath of King’s kickstarter pledges. Dixon, John, and Bill all dig through their books, models, and boxes of stuff commenting on everything while we’re pulling it out of the box.

We follow up the unboxing with a segment I can only call “The Ramble”. We answer a series of listener questions and respond to some of the current feedback. We discuss the Desert Island question, Outlaw Miniatures new kickstarter, and ultimately drop back into more WoK discussion. It seems impossible to stray to far from WoK during any of our Ramble segment.

Beyond Kalidasia - S03E01 Things to Think About

Kalidasia Media Productions has launched a new season of Beyond Kalidasia. This season is all about taking the viewers through the various stages of game design, using Kalidasia Fleet Commander as an example.

The first episode of the season is a short discussion on the three most important concepts to think about as you begin to plan out your tabletop game: What is required for a general concept, focus on fun, and the constraint of time.