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Podcast Roundup

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor slush, nor... really bad drivers on GA400 North... can keep a TGN Reporter from his posting duties.
Despite a dusting of snow threatening to shut down the city of Atlanta, we're still here to bring you the podcasts that we found in the past week.

Below you will find: Adeptus Infernus 015, d-Infinity Live! Series 4, Ep. 8: Animal Characters, and Hand Cannon Online's various shows (including Forgot to Feat ep 41, A Thrall Life ep4, and a new interview on Removed From Play).

Adeptus Infernus 015


The guys a getting ready for Adepticon and discuss some of the news and rumors from the last few weeks.

Horus Heresy/30K
Mk IX Power Armor?
Adeptus Mechanicus
Sisters of Battle
Hobby progress and more!
Available on itunes and Stitcher

d-Infinity Live! Series 4, Ep. 8: Animal Characters

Are you ready to get wild? This week the d-Infinity (d-?) pack and special guest Lee Garvin (author of Noble Wild and Tales from the Floating Vagabond) assemble to explore animal characters in tabletop gaming. From animal companions to mythical beasts to both sapient and non-sapient animal player characters, we're running with the wolves with the grace of a cat to share the owl's wisdom so no one gets outfoxed. Alligators!

Hand Cannon Online