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Podcast Roundup

In the same theme of the Review Roundup, here's the podcasts we found in the past week we thought you'd enjoy.

-Game Classy: Ep 76 - DerpSterm
-Episode 26 of Removed From Play: Season 2
-Geeks of the North Episode 7 – All your base are belong to us
-Adeptus Infernus Episode 009

Game Classy: Ep 76 - DerpSterm


Joe and Steve barely get to games, but when they do, Deathstorm, Rum & Bones, and Adepticon are on the table. Plus some Spelljammer and AD&D Trivia

Episode 26 of Removed From Play: Season 2

GamerMats Template - 150 DPI

Sam Ross joins us to help Bloodrath do a Battle Report cast about his recent tournament running Khador!

Geeks of the North Episode 7 – All your base are belong to us


Hello Geeks!

This week, we chat with Yaum and Steve about the different ways and products available to base our miniatures. We also interview Studio Akaranseth‘s famous Mathieu Fontaine about the upcoming Northern Defenders Painting Contest.

Adeptus Infernus Episode 009

Adeptus Infernus

We're back after long break with a truck load of talk on Blood Angels, End Times for 40K, Blood Angels, Smaug, Blood Angels, Games Workshop & Blizzard, Blood Angels, Descendants of Isha, Blood Angels, Forge World, Blood Angels and Warmachine. Did I mention Blood Angels? Becasue I think we talk about some Blood Angels stuff.