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PMI release Shuffler 2.9.0

Paper Make iT ! have released a new version of their online map editing tool, Shuffler 2.9.0. From their announcement:
Shuffler 2.9.0, a Map Creator portable application, is out and carrying a new enhancing Edit Tool system. You can now edit an Element in a graphical way simply by dragging and dropping cursors placed all around it to modify dimension and rotation. It's never been so simple and intuitive! Moreover an Edit Panel allows you to read instantly all main variables of the selected Element: position, rotation, frame, layer, scale, class name are now always under control. Last but not least the Edit Panel contains all Key Commands as buttons: you can now click on them to duplicate, delete, change frame or layer of the selected Element. Finally, two more items have been added to the library: two sets of rats and skeletons poses under FX Section for a more impressive map. How big is your imagination today?