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PMI release Sewer: a modern modular map

Paper make iT ! have released a new PDF based modular Sewer map kit. Sewer From their announcement:
Paper Make iT ! launch a new modular map located in a modern Sewer. This pdf product contains all you need to create your Sewer dungeon in just seconds after printing all the available tiles. Here you will find an underground sewer made up of 6x6 tiles. Every tile can be combined one another to form a complex labyrinth with straight and corner lines, T and X junctions and little 4x4 rooms from where one, two, three or four passages are available for more exploration. There is also a special tile with an elevator so to place a little boat to navigate on these bad smelling and dangerous waters.... Sewer is sold in two versions: 1inch Grid suitable for 28-30mm miniatures and 20mm Grid for 15mm miniatures. All these designs were generated using only Shuffler, a modern and sci-fimap creator. Source files are also here included so that, if you own Shuffler, you can easily modify all the tiles and get a never ending variety in dimension and colors. And with Shuffler and User Images Plug-In, you can even add you own images to personalize your Sewer. Try it out!