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PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna released

Assault Publishing is proud to release Hell on Echnida, their free demo version of PMC 2640 which also doubles as a mini-expansion.


From the release:

Today "PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna!" was released.

Hell on Echidna is free demo version of Assault Publishing sci-fi PMC 2640 miniature wargame but also its mini-expansion with a little new stuff which can be valuable for existing PMC 2640 players.

"Hell on Echidna" is far more than typical, few random pages. It constists of all you need to play the battle: core rules (exactly the same like in the rulebook!), shortened terrain list, special terrain generator for post-apocaliptic planets, the rules of composing the army on Tier II, the new scenario (not presented in the main rulebook) and the list of a few units (incuding two new ones) and special rules they utilises. There is also new Battle Honour, which may be given to your troops if you decide to play your campaign battles on Echidna or other post-apocaliptic planet.

To summarize, "Hell on Echidna" everything you need to try the game mechanics, mood and assumptions and of course spend a great time playing the wargame! And remember that it's just a piece of all cool things that full game offers!