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PMC 2640 Digital Edition now available from Assault Publishing

Assault Publishing now has their PMC 2640 game rulebook available for all you digital-media-user-people out there.


From the announcement:

As requested by many wargamers, today PMC 2640 hard Sci-Fi ruleset was released also as the e-book in pdf format. Of course printed version remains in the offer.

E-book costs 66 PLN (~20-22 USD, ~15-17 EUR, ~12-14 GPG depending on exchange rate) and may be purchased in Assault Publishing on-line store . If you wish to enjoy high-quality printed rulebook and handy digital version, you may buy PMC 2640 Bundle, which consists of both of them - in very good price!

But it is not the end... If you previously got PMC 2640, whatever from distributor or directly from Assault Publishing store, untill end of October 2013 you may buy digital version with 50% discount. If you wish to do it please send the e-mail to us to get more details.