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Plus1Hammer running Assault on Fortress Moon Kickstarter

Plus1Hammer is running a Kickstarter campaign for Assault of On Fortress Moon, a new strategy board game.


From the campaign:

ASSAULT ON FORTRESS MOON is a 2- 4 player Strategic War Game set in 1950's alternate history!

Approx 3-4hrs to play Full Game. Scenarios range from 30mins to 1hr. Ages 13 and up.

1 Player takes control of a faction known as the LUNAR COLONISTS, lunar miners who have taken control of the Mining Facilities and are holding hostage the precious energy source known as ELEMENT X!

The remaining 3 players command the EARTH FORCES, three countries (Republic of China, USA, & USSR) who have joined forces to launch wave after wave of invasions in order to reclaim their Mine-bases.

Each faction has 6 turns to complete their goals. Can the Lunar Colonists hold onto to 15 Mine-bases or will the Earth Forces (collectively) take control of 16 Mine-bases and reclaim the Moon's resource of Element X before the resources on Earth deplete!