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Pledge Manager Now Open For The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary

There's all sorts of reasons why you might miss out on a Kickstarter. Perhaps you just didn't have the funds at the time, or you were out of town when the campaign was going and missed the announcement for it, or you've since decided you wished you'd been on it. Well, thankfully, many companies will open up to new customers during the Pledge Manager section of the campaign. Cryptozoic has done just that with The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary.

In the game, 1-4 players take on the role of iconic survivors from the series. They will be beset upon by all manner of enemies, both alive and dead, in their struggle to just survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The Kickstarter campaign made it through a couple stretch goals, including a couple that are exclusive to the campaign. Those that back during the Pledge Manager section will still be able to get those items. The time-frame to join in goes through September, with shipping to happen in July of next year.