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Playtest Adventures Posted For Star Trek RPG From Modiphius

One of the bigger announcements from this Year of New Editions was that we're getting a new Star Trek RPG from Modiphius Entertainment. Since back before Gen Con, people have been able to sign up for it, and certainly many people have. Well, those that did can now start to actually get a taste of the system, itself, with the first modules for the game posted over on the company's website.

There's several vessels about to head into space and have all sorts of adventures. The U.S.S. Venture and U.S.S. Lexington can expect a general mix of adventures upon which they'll head. The U.S.S. Bellerophon is about to head out to do some science research and could use another test tube stirrer. Meanwhile, the U.S.S. Thunderchild is headed to a bit more contested and heated part of the galaxy. If your phaser finger is itching, this might be the ship for you.