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Playroom Entertainment announces Killer Bunnies Deluxe Edition Kickstarter campaign

Playroom Entertainment has just fired up a Kickstarter campaign for Killer Bunnies Deluxe Edition that'll include all the expansions and whatnot for Killer Bunnies all in one place.
Note: The guy that made Killer Bunnies used to be Ross' math teacher.

From the campaign:

After 10 years, Playroom is excited to finally move forward with the plans for the Killer Bunnies Quest Deluxe, which will include everything from the KB Quest Series in one box (a $186 MSRP if purchased separately). But with so much in the game, along with all of the extras that will be added into it, this game is huge! At approximately 7 pounds, KB Quest Deluxe will include 770 large cards, 94 small cards, 9 different colored 12-sided dice, a clear 20-sided die, a customized Zodiac 12-sided die, plus 9 different colored pawns, vouchers, chips, card stands and all of the other components and bits. The Rulebook alone will be over 60 pages and will include all of the Bunny Bits and instructions to play with all of the different Booster Decks.