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Playmore Games Receives 250,000 Euro Investment

I honestly think that just about every gamer out there has created their own game in their mind. At some point, just about all of us have sat down, looking at the various games we play, and think, "I could do better." Even when playing our favorite games there might be things we think could have been done better. So why aren't there millions and millions more games out there? Opportunity can money, I'd say. Well, the folks over at Playmore Games have the opportunity and now they've got some extra cash on hand to make games, too.

Playmore has stated that they will use the money primarily for the Dized application as well as to work on their worldwide distribution for their games.

"The tabletop game market has been growing worldwide for years and the same phenomenon can be seen in Finland. The world is digitizing at a rapid rate and this applies to the tabletop gaming industry as well, where the phenomenon is still relatively fresh. We have innovated a smart device application named Dized, that will allow an digital upgrade for every board game out there," says CEO Jouni Jussila.