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Playford Games Releases Ancient Conflict Treasure Chest Game Collection

I don't have a really big apartment. There's not lots of storage space available. As such, I have to make sure that space is efficiently used. For someone with a board game collection, that's not always easy. Thankfully, Playford Games has their new Ancient Conflict Treasure Chest Game Collection that holds a bunch of games all in one, handy box.


The box brings you 11 games, both classic and new, all in one package. You can have a go with a game of Chess or Checkers, or play something like Cartography and ILIOS.

"The greatest thing about this set of games is that it just keeps on giving," said Dave Stennett, President of Playford. "Playford continually develops new games that work with the game components already in the box. In the near future players will be able to either purchase an expansion pack or simply download the rules and start playing with the tiles and disks they already have.”