Playable preview of Attack Vector: Tactical’s 2nd Edition now available

Ad Astra Games have posted a free playable preview of the Attack Vector: Tactical 2nd Edition rules.

Rafik AVID

From their announcement:

Download the free, playable preview (Zip link) of the second edition of Attack Vector: Tactical and discover the tactical richness of 3D space combat. The second edition makes play smoother with more play aid improvements. The rulebook has a new, easier-to-read layout and the rules have been extensively revised with feedback from both new players and old hands.

We know, some of you say that it’s not possible to have a 3D vector-movement game that’s playable. It’s not only playable, but it’s fun–the new environment opens up opportunities that never seemed possible.

See the Downloads page for more AV:T downloads which also has downloads for the rest of Ad Astra Games’ products.