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Play Unplugged Unboxing – Rogue Trooper Promo Miniatures

Play Unplugged has posted another of their Unboxing articles. This one's for the Rogue Trooper promo minis from Mongoose Publishing.

From the article:

Mongoose Publishing recently completed a successful Kickstarter to create a miniature game based on the Rogue Trooper comic. Rogue Trooper is a comic series that is part of the 2000 AD family of characters along with the likes of Judge Dredd, The ABC Warriors, and Nemesis the Warlock. Mongoose will be attempting to continue their success with the 2000 AD license (specifically Judge Dredd) with this new product line.

Enrico got his hands on some of the miniatures featured in the Rogue Trooper Miniature Game promotional materials. Let’s take a look at them!