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Play Unplugged TV - Interview with Larry Elmore

Play Unplugged had a chat with Larry Elmore while at Origins and figured everyone would want to see what they talked about.

From the interview:

This post marks both Play Unplugged‘s 500th piece of gaming content and our 100th episode of Play Unplugged TV! How awesome is that?!?! Well, we have just the video for such a special occasion. Origins Game Fair 2013 featured many fantastic artists working in the industry. Play Unplugged’s Andrew Lotz got to take a few minutes to speak with one who can truly be called an industry icon: Larry Elmore. Larry Elmore’s vision forms the basis for the way in which many fantasy gamers picture their worlds. In this interview he discusses his recent and future Kickstarter projects, as well as what it is like to work in the fantasy game industry as an artist.