Play Unplugged TV 2-9: Hordes, Legion of Everblight Battlegroup Starter Unboxing

By Polar_Bear
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May 18th, 2012

Play Unplugged TV takes a look and unboxes the Legion of Everblight Battlegroup Starter box for Privateer Press’ Hordes line. It’s full of blight-y goodness.

From the unboxing:

If you felt the temperature drop suddenly it is because a blighted winter has come to Play Unplugged, brought on by the unboxing of something chilling. From the vast, Nyss controlled frozen wastes above Khador, Enrico examines the monstrous contents of the new Legion of Everblight Battlegroup Starter (battlebox). This redesigned starter box for Privateer Press‘s Hordes miniature game features all new plastic versions of Lylyth, Herald of Everblight, the carnivean heavy warbeast, and shredder lesser warbeasts. Oh man… Where’s Pendrake when you need him?!?!

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  • The models look fantastic. I am confused as to why he said there were no mold lines and no gap though.. Perhaps it was easier to notice from the camera since there is magnification but the tail of the big creature had a gap and some flash and the little critters had a mold line running up it’s center.
    Having said that.. the lines that are there appear to be extremely easy to clean and I really am considering giving PP stuff a second chance. I originally stopped buying/playing due to the awkward large heavy metal models and the sometimes misshapen castings of the human and smaller sized figures.

  • I think he did say there were gaps, but just that the gaps were small and not so noticeable. Which is true. And the mold lines on these pieces are very slight, almost undetectable. I have the Circle box and found the same things to be true.

    I have shared your issues with the metal kits, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ease of assembly and durability of these plastics.

    Anyway, if you’re curious to see more, my blog has some pics of the plastic Warpwolf I just finished:


    • Hey, that’s a really solid looking piece! The colors don’t quite contrast enough for my personal taste but it feels very wolf/earth/etc.. which I think was the point.
      Is there an accompanying article or is it basically just a picture review?

      • Thanks! Yeah, lots of earth tones there. No article as of yet. Just sharing what I’m doing on the blog.

  • Scott beat me to it, but yes, it’s not that I said there were “no mold lines or gaps” just that they were surprisingly small.

    You are right about the tail though, there was more gap on the video than I originally noticed from my angle. However, the tail gap was because of the flash. Once it was clean it fit snug. I just finished cleaning and assembling the carnivean and I feel like PP is really starting to hit their stride with their plastic kits. If awkward assembly was keeping you away, this may indeed win you back.

    I was thinking about doing a short series of articles, chronicling taking a burgeoning Legion army from battlebox to Blood, Sweat, and Tiers at Gen Con. Thoughts?

    Thanks for the feedback and for watching!

    • The main thing would be repetitiveness.. If you are going through different types of models (size, unit-type, etc) then I might tune in.. especially if you’re going in that closely with the camera. I mean.. there is a certain point that it would get old but having a very up-close, step-by-step can help shed a lot of light on the negative reviews that pop up here and there.
      All my opinion though, results may vary.

      • I think it would be mostly written articles, heavy on pictures. The highlights would include matching personal aesthetic model sensibilities with the tournament guidelines and requirements, developing a paint scheme, practice games with friends, and things of that nature.

        I also plan for Play Unplugged to have some painting modeling and painting videos up by mid-summer so stay tuned!