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Play Unplugged TV 2-22: Interview Laura Tommervik of Wizards of the Coast

Play Unplugged put up another of their video interviews from GenCon. this one is with Laura Tommervik from Wizards of the Coast talking about the Rise of the Underdark.

From the interview:

A dark force is rising in the world of Dungeons & Dragons! Luckily we have a guide to help us navigate through the dangerous dark elf uprising. Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini meets with Laura Tommervik, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager at Wizards of the Coast to discuss upcoming releases and the future of D&D. Laura relates lore pertaining to the Rise of the Underdark (WotC’s current world shaking event featuring the insidious underdark dwelling drow), the future of D&D Next, and everything in between.