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Play Unplugged reviews Level 7: Invasion

Play Unplugged has another Gold Medal in 100m Dash-winning review up. This time it's Level 7: Invasion from Privateer Press.



From the website:

I have A Thing for the end of the world. Apocalypse books and zombie movies are absolutely my cup of tea. As a philosopher once said, “Some people just like to watch the world burn.” I’m one of them, I guess. Ask me sometime about my scars.

One thing I don’t have A Thing for is so-called “Ameritrash” board games, with lots of bits and pieces and rulebooks that take several hours to read. I like my games with cubes, and lots of ‘em or rows of nice orderly meeples and clearly-labelled spaces. That’s my kind of game.

So to say I went into Level 7: Invasion confused is putting it lightly. A bits-and-pieces game where we’re fighting to save the world against an alien invasion? Okay, I thought, let’s watch this world burn.