Play Unplugged Review – Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Jul 5th, 2012

Play Unplugged is another of the many places doing 6th edition reviews. That’s good, as you can get a lot of different looks at it, then. See what these guys have to say.

From them to you:

You knew it was coming… Play Unplugged reviews Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition. But you don’t have to take our word for it…
(Before you ask, yes, The Reading Rainbow picture is in jest.)

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  • lordofexcess

    Ok review with the very good point about the perennial problem with players simply “taking each others word for it” which leads to terrible rules errors. Back in the day when I was still a tournament player, our group would purposely cheat whenever we could during the few weeks leading up to the RTTs/GTs … just minor things … and that forced us all to pay close attention to the game, and to know the rules in and out. We were constantly grilling each other on the rules and never took each other’s word for it. After tourney season though we’d go back to casual play and revert to old group-think habits, etc.

    A new edition of the rules = everyone is a noob again … so the pain and suffering has begun 🙂

    The review didn’t list the $75.00 price for the rules as a negative. GW has the most expensive rule-sets on the market and arguably some of the most expensive miniatures. On the cost I am not saying that all GW stuff is over priced across the board, there is still some good values here and there, and by expensive I am not saying you don’t get alot of stuff in the boxes, one thing that the conversion from pewter to plastic has done is provided more and more bitz … which I think is very cool.

    My big complaint all along is that GW is a gateway game for miniature games and when GW produces $75.00 and $100.00 rule-sets … they alienate new players. Yes they do boxed sets where the mini-rule books are cheaper and that does help a bit (whenever that is released for 6th … who knows … I assume in the fall). I mean is the idea to simply force most players to pirate PDFs of the rules? I guess if that is the point … mission accomplished very well. Otherwise, why can’t GW get their price point down … Paizo can do it Hasbro can do it … so many other rulesets are fairly close in size and scope to the GW rulesets and nearly all are $30.00 to $50.00 less.

    Other than the brutal price for the rules … the artwork the shear amount of stuff … etc. is pretty impressive … I am only a casual player anymore so the rules themselves don’t really matter to me like they once did.

    • LoE,

      I think you make a good point about the price and I’ll direct your comment to the author. I don’t want to speak for him, but my guess is that like myself, Andrew sees the price tag as comparable with other large, full color, hardback books in this industry (see FFG, Wizards, Paizo etc.).

      However, like many, I got my start miniature gaming back in the day with GW, so I’m sympathetic to your point. Like many folks on forums, I wish they would make a more wallet friendly, rules only book for 40K (softcover $25-30). I think that would be a great compromise allowing people to choose.

      Thanks for the great feedback!


      • His point is that the price tag is NOT comparable to other games. GW is far and away the most expensive ruleset out there. This is funny/ironic since they have said in various outlets that the company exists to make/sell miniatures and that the rules are simply an avenue to that end.

        As to the original point.. the review itself is so divergent from the actual 6th edition (it reads like it was written by someone with ADD) that it’s hard to sort out which bits are about the rules and which bits are just on GW’s habits/policies of late. I was hoping that it would be a brass-tacks review focusing hard and fast on the actual differences so I could get a feel for whether or not I’d be buying in or not. What I got was pretty far from helpful and left a great deal to be desired.
        Nice effort but the editor should’ve sent that one back in my NSHO.

        • 4TM,

          I respectfully disagree, but appreciate the feedback. Here’s my point, but I’m going from memory here so correct me if my numbers are wrong. PP’s Warmachine Hardcover retailed for $45 at 250 pages full color. This book is $75 at 432 pages full color. In my mind that’s comparable. The difference, and where I think PP has it over GW (not to make this into a PP vs.GW thread, I like both) is that right off the bat PP offered a cheaper softcover. I think if GW was more thoughtful towards their consumers in the way of price options their would be a lot less price shock involved with these new rules.

          Anyway, I’m happy this started a thread of discussion that hasn’t involved trolling, but solid debate and discussion. Go TTGN!


          • … and by “their” I meant there. lol

    • Stu

      As a father of two young boys, both of which are curious about the ‘funny soldiers’ Dad keeps in the garage I can tell you Games Workshop prices do only one thing: encourage me to play non-GW war games with my kids.

      If GW prices are alienating adult gamers (I stopped playing GW systems several years ago due to their figure prices, despite having three 40k armies, and two WHFB ones), then I can’t imagine how on earth they expect to attract new children/teenage gamers into their fold.

      There are simply too many better and cheaper games in the market for me to encourage anybody to play GW systems any more. Personal favourites are ‘Song of Blades and Heroes’ (excellent for young gamers and you can use your WHFB figures), Mordheim (I guess I play one GW system still), Pulp .45 Adventure, Flames of War (teach your kids some history too) and Dystopian Wars.

      • blkdymnd

        Totally with you. I’ll be starting to teach my 7 year old Dust Tactics tomorrow. For the price of the GW rulebook, I can get the full revised core set and have a great teaching experience with him. And we can expand that up for soooo much less

  • CaffeineBoy

    I’ve got to admit, the price tag on the main, full-color (er… colour), robustly bound, bullet-stopping rule book doesn’t really bother me. A big reason I got into wargaming was the eye candy. I love seeing beautifully painted minis hit the table and I’m not above drooling a bit on the CMON site and, as if GW knew that, the 6th edition 40K book is cover-to-cover mini pr0n. From all reports it’s a good update and a solid ruleset and it’s tarted up like a coffee table book. The cheap version will be available soon enough, so I find it hard to see this as too much of a negative.

    Now, when I set three (3) frickin’ Finecast minis down next to it — not even characters, just li’l floaty zoanthropes — and realize they were the same price… THAT’S when my wallet wants to scream at me. 😉