Play Unplugged Review – D&D Dungeon Command

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Jul 31st, 2012

Play Unplugged put up a review of the new D&D Dungeon Command games. I’ve actually been looking into these as well. Let’s see what they have to say about them.

From the review:

Play Unplugged looks at Wizards of the Coast’s return to prepainted plastic miniatures with a review of Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Command: Heart of Cormyr, and Sting of Lolth!

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  • Dahak

    On the negatives it misses

    a] That the figures aren’t as well painted as the previous iteration of the same sculpts.
    Mostly this is just less paint steps.

    b] The game is less flexible and with a smaller design space than D&DM had. Functionally you can play one of the less popular scenarios from D&DM and thats it.

    c] The tiles are interlock compatible [but lack the white triangles and movement point] with Wrath of Ashardon etc but look like Dungeon Tiles. So they can’t easily be used with Wrath without them standing out and can’t because of the jig locks be used easily with the wizards product they do fit in with.

    On the plus side the card stock for the cards appears to be better than that used in Magic.

    • Myrthe

      The Ravenloft boardgame has a dungeon-like tile setting rather than caverns.

      However, the reverse sides of these two-sided Dungeon Command Tiles show an OUTDOOR setting which can be used to start things off before entering any of the boardgame settings.

      • Dahak

        Not easily. The jiglocks won’t fit.

        Whereas if they hadn’t had them they’d have been usable with the extensive range of Dungeon tiles WotC have produced in a similar art style.

  • lordofexcess

    At the MSRP these are not really worth the buy in, however at the Amazon price I am ok with them. $26 for 12 minis and some decent tiles that can be used with any standard RPGing … not a bad deal. Ya the minis aren’t well painted, but seriously … the only way to get well painted minis for cheap is to do it yourself. You can always prime them and paint them yourself if you want. There will always be lots of WoTC hating and I have to admit I’ve don my fair share of that … but honestly … so far … I like this concept. I’d rather see them sell essentially “encounter packs” of figs than randoms in boosters. Who knows though, it seems like the only thing that makes money for game companies like this are randoms in boosters. SO people wanting to use them for actual games end up getting boned, they either need to spend wads o’ cash on ebay to get the exact figs they need or wads o’ cash on boosters. As a DM who uses minis over the years this has been frustrating. But one makes due. Fortunately I am also a mini gamer with a big collection of other ranges so I generally can field a pretty solid WYSIWYG encounter for most standard D&D fare. I feel bad for the noob DMs though who dream of going full WYSIWYG with their minis … it is a daunting prospect. The same goes for those who want to use tiles that fully match their encounters. Personally I’m ok with the old wet/dry erase mats … but I do have a pretty big tile set too.

  • ” solid, high quality miniatures”… Well… They’re standard D&D plastic prepainted minis… Nobody in the miniature gaming hobby would seriously say they’re “high quality” there is a bunch of miniature lines that have better sculpts and can be better painted. There not even “hard plastic”.
    Those minis are just a time saver. I bought some (Sting of Lolth) to serve as proxies for a couple of games I own. I was not impressed by the game mechanics of Dungeon Comman though. The games needs more scenarios and flexibility to have a good replayability. Still a good beer and bretzel side game.

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    • Dahak

      I’d suggest you add a link at the end of the review to a thread about the review if you wan’t people to do that.

      I commented here because here is where I found a link to the review and it didn’t have a comment capability.

      Since your forums don’t have any discussion here is currently a better location. Or Boardgamegeek’s forum for these products.