Play Unplugged Radio 3.6 – 3 Men and a Gamey

Play Unplugged has posted Unplugged Radio episode 3.6 up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

We’re back after an extended hiatus, due to convention coverage and other gubbins, with more riveting conversation by and for gamers (and a nice insomnia cure for everyone else). Enrico Nardini is joined by Monson “Tony” Borzok and “Navy” Dave Spurlock for another great geek-out!

Topics include:

– Tony – Ashen Stars, Warhammer Chaos campaign, Warmachine & Hordes, Reaper Bones
– Dave – 6mm World War II, Battleforce scale Battletech for Alpha Strike, new naval rules
– Enrico – Mechanicum, BattleSworn, French and Indian War
– Game Science dice
– Donald Featherstone’s passing
– Random game stuff
– Tabletop role-playing with Skype
– Monthly GW Rant (fear not, only 6-8min.)
– History is fun!