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Play Unplugged posts The Painting Detail – Episode 1

Play Unplugged has posted the first episode of their new vidcast series, The Painting Detail, up online for your watching pleasure.


In this episode:

It has finally arrived! Grab your brushes and report to the barracks! It’s time for The Painting Detail!

The Painting Detail is the newest web-series from tabletop gaming website Play Unplugged. The show is a true labor-of-love for its host Enrico Nardini, who has been enjoying the miniature game hobby for over 20 years.

The goal of the painting detail is to demystify miniature painting and assembly (making it more accessible for the beginner and novice) and provide tips and advice to help enthusiasts derive more satisfaction from their hobby.

The first episode features the following segments:
1. Skill – Miniature Assembly and Preparation
2. Supply Depot – Warpaints Starter Set
3. Speed Painting – Kobold Warrior

We hope you love the show!