Play Board Games Lists Top Ten Cooperative Games

By bj
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Nov 8th, 2011

Play Board Games lists their top ten cooperative games:

From their announcement:

Here is an updated list of my top ten cooperative (or semi-cooperative) games.

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  • Sejanus

    No mention of Gears of War?

    Pretty lame list without it.

  • KelRiever

    It really isn’t a good list. Arkham Horror is probably the most popular Co-op game on the market and it isn’t listed because the author didn’t apparently play it. So while I appreciate the reviews for the games listed, it could hardly be called a top 10 list.

    • KelRiever

      yes, btw, it is listed as honorable mention, but again, because the author hasn’t seemed to play it.

      • Sevej

        AH is popular, but nowhere ‘mainstream’. For the common board gamer, it’s a bloated, inaccessible game. Even a lot of people who like it seems to be on “love it but don’t want to play it” mode, primarily because you can play 2 or 3 other as good or better games in the time it takes to play AH.

    • Ghost

      From his comments “I put Arkham Horror in the Honoarable Mentions as I have never played it”. Seems clear enough to me.

  • Well, I prefer a list that an author has played or tried than a list of things that are considered “top” that weren’t played.

    • keltheos

      +1. Author’s top 10 of played co-ops would be a more appropriate title. 😉

      I haven’t played a few of the ones listed, but have played Arkham and Gears. I’m not sure what rubric he’s using for his rankings, but although Arkham is a great co-op game it is brutally long and slow…

  • jason

    The list is definitely a skewed in the sense that it is from just my perspective.

    I can’t list games I have never played, and like getting suggestions for new games to tryout.

    As far as how I determine the ranking…it is mostly the co-op games I enjoy the most that I am able to get to the table pretty easily (meaning they are pretty accessible). I also look for some variety…Castle Panic is a great game for kids while Space Alert is there since it is such a unique and fun experience. Again it is mostly opinion and I appreciate all of your opinions.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    • Sevej

      I appreciate it that you put Pandemic #2. Recent co-op games push the AI engine considerably, making the portion of doing the game’s action as fiddly as (if not more than) the actual player actions. Too many IF-THENs. Pandemic has an AI mechanic that’s simple, thematic, and effective.

      I suppose DoTR improves upon this, but I never play that game, and has no intention of owning it due to Eagle games amateurish presentation (good, if classic, artwork, crappy graphic design).