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Play Board Games lists the Top 10 Games you can play in 60min.

Play Board Games gives us a list of their Top 10 games you can play in 60min. Always a good idea to have some of these around for when the gaming store's going to close soon, but you still want to get a game in.

From the review:

Last year I made a list of top ten games in honor of Daylight Savings Time. You can read it here. I liked the idea enough I decided to do it again this year. These are my Top Ten games that play in about an hour. I did not list games that take an hour to play but a lot longer to set-up (see Honorable Mentions below). I only list games I have actually played. If you play with someone with analysis paralysis (AP) then this list might be irrelevant. As always you may agree, disagree or add suggestions in the comments.