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Platoon Leader Print Edition and Updates from Legionnaire Games

Legionnaire Games now has Platoon Leader print edition available as well as some updates. Check 'em out on Wargame Vault.

From the update:

The print edition of Legionnaire Games' 15mm SciFi ground combat game, Strike Legion: Platoon Leader ($29.95 with PDF/$24.95 book
only), is ready and available for immediate shipment.

In addition to the book containing a very good game (and one of our fastest sellers to date), it's also the best-looking book we've produced. If you have the PDF of this one, you'll have an idea of what I mean - and the print edition looks even better!

We've also been busy creating new force lists for all three of the Strike Legion games, each of which can be downloaded from the Legionnaire Games website ( The new lists by game (and the miniatures they're designed to work with) are:

Strike Legion: Platoon Leader:
Felids (Khurasan Miniatures)
Nova Respublik (Khurasan Miniatures)
Raathist Party of Kym (Khurasan Miniatures)
Corsairs and Intruders (Khurasan Miniatures)
Federation of Corporations (ACP Games)
Mkat (ACP Games)

Strike Legion Tactical Series:
Early Foundationists (Microworld Games)
Terran Expeditionary Forces (Microworld Games)

Strike Legion: Planetary Operations:
Overlords (C-in-C)
Renegades (C-in-C)
Early Foundationists (Microworld Games)
Terran Expeditionary Forces (Microworld Games)
American Republic (Brigade Models)
European Federation (Brigade Models)
Neo-Soviet (Brigade Models)
Star Guardians (Grandma Wendy...)

Work is also progressing on the first WWII adaptation for Planetary Operations, the second volume for Platoon Leader, and a couple of as-yet untitles sourcebooks with original background materials, fiction, data cards and TO&E for all four of our games for each included faction. Stay tuned for more details about each of these as they move closer to release!