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Plate Mail Games Releases Two New Audio Tracks - The Playroom & Jurassic Forest

Plate Mail Games gives your gaming sessions some ambiance with two new audio tracks.

From the announcement:

Plate Mail Games, hot off its recent Kickstarter success, has released two new audio tracks for gamers. Available now are:

-The Playroom, a super-creepy compilation of children laughing and playing and haunting music!

-Jurassic Forest, a sweltering landscape full of buzzing insects and far away (and not so far away) dinosaurs!

Both tracks are available as 10 minute long MP3s that loop seamlessly on RPGNow, and were created by professional Golden Reel and Emmy nominated sound designer and editor Wes Otis. Whether you're playing a modern horror game investigating a burned down orphanage or a high fantasy adventure in a land of thunder lizards, Plate Mail Games' MP3s add depth and atmosphere to your encounters.