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Plastic Macedonian Phalangites from Warlord Games

Warlord Games long-awaited plastic Phalangites are almost up on us! Take a look at the new models, sculpted by Warlord’s own in-house designer, Wojtek, and see if you have the willpower to not place a pre-order:

From their website:

Above are just four of the poses you can make in the boxed set. These miniatures are very easy to build – the arms are a one piece casting with the pike. With separate heads and shields you get great variety without having to spend most of your natural life building them! Being rather too talented for his own good, Andres has painted each shield freehand. Jealousy is an ugly emotion. Happily, the box comes with a sheet of waterslide decals so us mere mortals can have great-looking shields too…

There are several head and arm options to choose from allowing you build the regiment to your own personal taste. With 40 plastic miniatures in the box you’ll have plenty to choose from! You can place a pre-order for these lovely new plastic miniatures now – they’ll be released early February. Anyone placing a pre-order will receive their order before the miniatures go on sale to the general public. Each box of 40 is £20 giving you high quality miniatures at just 50p per figure – bargain.