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Plastic French Cavalry Single Frames Now Available For Black Powder From Bolt Action

Box sets are handy when you want to get an entire unit of figures at once. But what about when you just need a single figure? Maybe one got lost or busted or you want to customize your forces just a little bit. It can be annoying to have to get a whole box just for a single fig. Thankfully, Black Powder players looking to just get single sprues of French Cavalry are in luck. You can now buy individual frames from Warlord Games.

From the announcement:

Napoleonic French Hussar, Chasseur a Cheval, and Line Lancer Cavalry plastic frames:

French line lancers
Armed with a wicked lance, sabre, and at times a carbine and up to two pistols, the French line lancer was a formidable foe!

Chasseurs à Cheval
Armed with carbine, curved sabre and bayonet the Chasseurs à Cheval (mounted hunters) were hard riding, green clad light cavalry whose main role was patrolling and raiding for the French armies.

The Magnificent Hussars
Mounted on small but tough horses, they were used on campaign in scouting and raiding roles. Principally armed with the curved light cavalry sabre they could also carry a carbine, or more commonly a pistol, into the fray.