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Plastic Fantastic offer is back at Warlord Games

Warlord Games is once again offering their Plastic Fantastic deal. From their announcement:
It’s back – but for a very limited time. Plastic Fantastic is one of our most popular offers and allows you to collect large armies at an even more cost effective price than usual. Don’t hang around though – it’s only open until the end of August. (Note that this offer only applies to Warlord Games own boxed sets and not Victrix, Perry, Gripping Beast, etc). With the recent public order troubles in the UK, the trouble in Norway and the doom and gloom around the world at present we’ve decided we’ve had enough. To help perk us all up we’re not only giving you free shipping worldwide on all orders placed during August but also relaunching our superb Plastic Fantastic. special offer. Plastic Fantastic. is a simple but effective offer – you buy 4 Warlord Games plastic boxed sets and you can then choose a 5th absolutely free. Choose your four plastic boxed sets from the drop down menus on the special offer page here and then select a fifth box that will be sent to you free of charge. That should take your mind off things. Note: Sadly the Starter Army Boxed sets are not available as your free plastic boxed set. Also this offer only applies to Warlord Plastic Boxed Sets and not to Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast, Victrix, etc. No amount of pleading will change this, please don’t humiliate yourself by begging, it’s most unbecoming and not the way Warlord customers behave. You are better than that… Offer ends at the end August – you have been told.