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Planetopia Board Game Up On Kickstarter

There are billions and billions of stars in the galaxy, and around them are billions and billions of planets. In Planetopia, you take on the role of one of those planets, newly-formed and ready to harbor life. But with all those planets available, you'll have to work hard at attracting life to you. You might not think about planets competing for life, but such is the case. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

About the game:

The universe is so vast and the stars hide so many things that the birth of a new planet often goes unnoticed.
But this time you will be able to make the difference, your planet is the most beautiful, the most welcoming of all the galaxy and you intend to prove it well!
Attract a maximum of life forms on your planet and, by respecting the law of gravity, make sure to arrange your living spaces as well as possible in order to score a maximum of Prestige points.

Show everyone that your planet is the most prosperous in the entire galaxy!

Planetopia is a space deck building game where players each embody a planet and will optimize their hand to achieve the most interesting combinations to win the game.

Often compared to games like Century: Spice Road or Majesty during the playtests, Planetopia adds something more and unique to this kind of games by combining the deck and pattern building mechanics.
Indeed, players are invited to control a planet and manage their cards as well as the residents (alien tokens) living on their planet. A clever hand management and subtle grid movements are crucial for players to play with in order to score the most prestige points and win the game.
The game has a great replayability and its difficulty is adjustable so that you can play it either with young ones or more experienced players.


The game goes clockwise,each player taking one turn at a time. During his turn a player has the choice among the following actions:

Mandatory action to choose among:
- Take a Cosmos card: Take a Cosmos card from the common trail. The rightmost card is considered to be closest to your planet, so you can take it without spending an Atom token. On the other hand, if you choose to take a card farther away from your planet, you will have to spend an Atom token on each card to the right of the chosen card. The chosen card then joins your hand, you can only apply its effect once you play it. Once the card is taken, slide the remaining cards to the right to fill the empty space. Then draw a new Cosmos card and add it to the left end of the row so you have 5 cards available again.

- Play a card: Play a card of your hand face up in front of you and apply its effect. Most of the time the Cosmos cards can accommodate new residents on your planet, then take the Alien tokens corresponding to the icons on the card played and place them on your game board. If you end up with more Alien tokens than your board can welcome, discard the token(s) of your choice without obtaining Atom token(s) in exchange. If you play the last card you had in hand, recover all your cards at the end of your turn.

- Recover cards: Collect in your hand all the cards played face up in front of you.

On top of your mandatory action you can make another optional action to choose between:

- Atomize: You may decide to discard one or two of the residents of your choice from your planet, receive an Atom token for each discarded Alien token.

- Make a combo: Discard the Alien tokens corresponding to the pattern on the Prestige card and take it. Keep it face up in front of you. Some cards can also recover special tokens.

You can therefore do a maximum of two actions per turn: one mandatory and one optional, in the order of your choice.

The game is played in as many rounds as necessary for a player to score 25 Prestige points. The player with the most points is then declared the winner, her Planet is the most remarkable of all the Galaxy!

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 26 days.