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Planes by AEG Review on Club Fantasci

Club Fantasci's Christopher Dickinson takes a look at Planes from AEG and reviews it for the website.
No word on when the "Trains" and "Automobiles" reviews will be up.


From the article:

Last Boarding Call for Destination Fun..?

When I first heard AEG were releasing a game set in an airport and I saw the box cover I automatically assumed it was going to be another deck builder in the vein of Trains before it. Admittedly, I did not research the game beyond this largely because the idea of recreating a bustling airport full of passengers, one of the most stressful situations I can think of, is of limited appeal to me.

I saw the game for the first time while wandering the halls of Essen on Saturday morning. The doors to show had not yet opened, so all was fairly quiet and I popped over to the AEG stand (ironically, to look at Trains: Rising Sun). Having all sold out I decided to take a look at Planes. My immediate reaction was that my preconceived ideas of the game were way off the mark. I joined a game and upon conclusion immediately made a purchase.

Well, what is Planes exactly? First off, let me start by saying it is not Trains, nothing like it, not a stitch. Why I am saying this? Probably because when you view the box cover for the first time your initial thought is most likely to be “Oh, Trains, but with Planes, neat.” (If you have never played Trains then this obviously will not apply).