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Plain Brown Wrapper Games brings Hunters Inc. back to print

Plain Brown Wrapper Games has brought back Hunters Inc., which hasn't been around for quite a few years.

From the announcement:

For years, Jeff Boman's classic superhero sourcebook “Hunters Inc” has been totally unavailable. But Plain Brown Wrapper Games has brought it back from oblivion, with all new illustrations and cartography.

This book contains the superhuman mercenary team called Hunters Inc. It details the heroes themselves, their tactics and equipment, and the support staff who handle the team's affairs behind the scenes. It also contains notes on how to plan a mercenary operation from start to finish, and it comes with a complete adventure. Click here for a free preview!

Neither good nor evil, heroes nor criminals, this team can be used in a huge variety of ways. Will these superhuman bounty hunters be your PCs' friends or foes? Rivals or comrades at arms? It all depends on how the GM prefers to use them.

We're releasing the book for Adamant Entertainment's award winning ICONS system. But watch this space for more announcements—there's going to be a version for BASH, one for Savage Worlds, one for Mutants and Masterminds and who knows, maybe Champions, too. Wherever justice can be bought and sold, there you'll find Hunters Inc.

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