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Plaid Hat Previews New Hunters From Broken Covenant

Plaid Hat Games is coming out with a new expansion for Specter Ops. It's called Broken Covenant and it's adding a lot more possible units for players to use in the game. In this preview, we get a look at 4 new Hunters. Each one is perfectly equipped for their chosen task.

From the post:

Our sacrifices have not been in vain. Even now our agents are zeroing in on an ancient Raxxon facility. The name of that facility? Raxxon Pharmaceutical Headquarters. That is right, Faithful, before Raxxon Global there was Raxxon Pharmaceutical and we have found what used to be its beating heart. The information our agents uncover there will surely bring Raxxon’s dark past into the light.

Hello, Agents of A.R.K.! As we continue our fight against the evil RAXXON GLOBAL, we must expand our operation and enlist more Agents in the battle. Today, we'll be taking a closer look at the four new Agents that will be joining A.R.K. and evading the Hunters of RAXXON.