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Plaid Hat Posts New Stuffed Fables Preview

Games rarely go from first concept to print without a whole ton of changes in the middle. With each change, the game gets more refined, streamlined, and better. In this preview of Stuffed Fables, James Hawthorne, the game's designer, goes over where the game started and where it's come, both visually and mechanics-wise.

From the post:

Those close to me know that I am just a big softy. I love my wife and kids, and virtually everything I’ve been involved with in the world of professional game design is related to my experiences as a husband and father.

A couple of years ago, my wife took the kids to see the Pixar movie called Inside Out. She immediately let me know that it was a must-see, and that it would inspire me to create a game after seeing it. She was so right! After watching the movie (and crying), I found myself obsessed with gamifying its premise.

This led to the creation of a dice system that was color coded, easy to learn, and flexible enough to handle a wide variety of story related experiences. Once I tinkered with this system enough to know it had merit, I realized that I didn’t really want to make a game inspired by Inside Out - I wanted to craft an original story that could be experienced as it’s own unique tale.