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Plaid Hat Posts New Stuffed Fables Preview

Every story has a beginning. In this new preview of Stuffed Fables from Plaid Hat Games, we get a look at the first couple pages of the Storybook. So, what is this all about? Where is "base" that we build up from? That's what you get to see.

From the post:

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Stuffed Fables preview. Today we are showing the opening story pages of the AdventureBook to give everyone a taste of how the story begins, and to provide a sense of what to expect inside this meaty tome!

The following images are pages directly from the AdventureBook. As you play the game, the AdventureBook will lie flat and open in the play area. Each story begins with a piece of artwork on the left hand side, wonderfully illustrated by artist Kristen Pauline. These really set the tone and mood of the story players are about to explore.