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Plaid Hat Posts New Starship Samurai Preview

Plaid Hat Games recently announced that they were coming out with a new sci-fi board game called Starship Samurai. And, I mean, it's giant robots fighting in outer space, so you know it's got my attention. But the giant robots, alone, aren't enough to make me want to get the game. I need to know more. I need to know how it plays. Thankfully, that's just what Plaid Hat is giving us a little preview of today.

From the post:

Welcome to our first preview for Starship Samurai! I’m very excited to show fans just how the gameplay of Starship Samurai plays out in your battle for the Lotus Galaxy, from the exciting Order Token system to the powerful Samurai Mechs! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of the different aspects of Starship Samurai, but if you’re curious to see more you can download the rules here. Also, don’t forget that Starship Samurai is now available for preorder from our own webstore and participating retailers as well, and preorders will include a set of acrylic Clan and Player tokens to replace those found in the game. Now, let’s jump into this week’s preview on the locations of Starship Samurai, and how your clan can claim them for honor!