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Plaid Hat Games Taking Pre-Orders For SeaFall

It's fun to charter an accountant and sail the wide accountant sea.
Though SeaFall isn't really about accounting, it is about the sea. It's also a Legacy game. For those that don't know, Legacy games change with each play-through. New options will be created. Old ones will be destroyed. Each playthrough will be a bit different. Specifically, SeaFall is designed to be played as a campaign over the course of 15 or so games, and it's suggested that you have the same players each time (though there are rules for when someone has to miss a session or drops out/joins in).

The goal of the game is to be the one with the most glory at the end of the game. The one with the most glory at the end of the campaign (I.E. - when the end of the world is discovered), becomes the ruler of the world (quite the grand prize).

This is the third legacy game for designer Rob Daviau (who also worked on Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy). Those that pre-order SeaFall will get their order automatically upgraded to include 100 metal coins th replace the card ones in the box.