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Plaid Hat Games Taking Pre-Orders For Dead of Winter: The Long Night

Temperatures are heating up here in Atlanta. And along with it comes the pollen. Lots... and lots... and lots of pollen. It's almost enough to make you pine for those long, cold, pollen-less winter nights. Since we can't speed up time to make it winter again, it looks like just double-checking the air filters and hunkering down with The Long Night, the new expansion for Dead of Winter, will have to do. At least, once it gets here, as pre-orders are being taken now.

The Long Night is a stand-alone game, in and of itself. So if you don't have the original, that's alright. You can go ahead and jump in. This set takes you to a new colony. As before, the struggle to survive is real. Not only are there Raxxon Pharmaceutical's creatures out there, but other colonies want the supplies that you have and are more than willing to take them from your cold, dead hands.

As I mentioned, pre-orders are available now. And they're 20% off the MSRP when you order that way, and you get an exclusive Rich Sommer character, including standee and crossroads card.